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About Us

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Over 25 Years of Occupational Medical Care. MPMS, TIM, MPM focuses on the changing needs of the Industrial community.  The foundation of our program is built on the strength of our professional staff, quality assurance and long-term commitment to industrial heath care.   

We have 3 locations from LA Porte to Corpus Christi, Texas we have a wide variety of multiple mobile units that do all aspects of health care other than injury onsite.  

Multi-phase units, to audio and drug screen units that are available 24/7 365.  

We offer support medical staff onsite for clients, working directly under their house nurse or safety department.

We also offer Medical Directorship under one of our Board certified Occupational Physicians.

Our owner and physicians are members of DATIA and ACOEM  

And proud supporters of the wounded warrior project.