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Our Services


Physical examination

All Physical Examinations are designed to meet OSHA, Department of Transportation (DOT) or individual company requirements. Every exam includes the following standard procedures which may be modified to meet specific occupational needs:

A Medical & Occupational History questionnaire is filled out to provide our physicians with important information about past medical problems, previous work exposures and any current symptoms an employee may be experiencing. Family medical history is also included to help identify health problems which may be genetically inherited.

A" hands on" physical examination is conducted in a private examining room by a licensed medical physician or licensed physician's assistant. The examiner looks at basic body functions to determine current health status and reviews any current or past medical problems the employee may have.

The physician will inform the employee of any serious findings which need immediate attention and refer the employee to his or her private physician for further diagnosis or treatment. All medical information that does not directly impact the employee's ability to perform essential job functions is considered strictly confidential.

Vitals and vision screening


Vitals and vision screening

Vital Measurements

Height, weight, blood pressure and pulse are measured and recorded with each physical exam. Abnormal vital signs can be indicative of potential physical problems including hypertension, heart disease and thyroid disease.

Vision Testing

Vision testing is required to determine an employee's ability to safely perform regular job duties. A technician specially trained in the use of a Titmus vision screening instrument performs the exam. The exam tests the following: 

1.Visual Acuity 2.Depth Perception 3.Peripheral Vision  

Basic Urinalysis

This test is routinely used to assess sugar and protein levels in the urine, which helps determine the status of the kidneys, bladder and liver. Results can help doctors find diabetes, kidney disease, infections, tumors and other disorders.

Drug and alcohol screening


Testing performed to determine the specific amount of illicit drug or measurement of alcohol in your system at

a certain level that is not allowed in a safety-sensitive environment. We perform breath alcohol, urine, hair and saliva drug test depending on the site requirement.



MPMS provides 1 and 2 view X-rays for physical examinations, according to company needs.

X- rays are processed immediately to help our physicians make appropriate determinations regarding an employee's fitness for duty at the time of the physical. If required, films can be sent to a certified Radiologist" B" reader for ILO classification or further review.

Audiometric Testing


Hearing evaluations are performed to help detect hearing problems or changes in an employee's hearing ability .

Testing is conducted in a sound attenuating room under the direction of a certified audiology technician. Employees are evaluated at seven frequencies: 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000 and 8000 Hz. All procedures meet or exceed OSHA and ANSl-69 standards. Medical Plaza Mobile Surveillance offers annual trend analysis reports on each employee to conform to federally mandated hearing conservation programs and individual company policies.

Pulmonary function testing


The pulmonary function test measures lung capacity and efficiency for persons required to perform strenuous cardio -pulmonary tasks or wear a respirator. PFT's can also help detect respiratory difficulties or diseases, like emphysema. Individual results are compared to the Knudson norms, as specified by NIOSH, and include the measurements of:

Forced Expired Volume at 1 second (FEV-1} Forced Vital Capacity (FVC)
Ratio of (FEV-1/ FVC} Predicted

Employees receive an OSHA standardized pulmonary classification for respirator use at the end of the examination.

Respirator Fit testing


Respirator fit testing is performed to acquire a fit test card annually per OSHA guidelines. Fresh Air, SCBA, and etc.

Functional Capacity Evaluation


Our state of the art system for specified pre-work and RTW injury evaluations is a great asset for employers.

Our Eval Tech machine by BTE Technologies is a functional testing system that allows us to test for specific job functionality in the employee such as: lifting, pushing, and pulling. I. E. Testing an employee’s strength, agility, endurance, and mobility while performing their job demand. This equipment provides a reliable and verifiable measure of job task performance by an employee and will be evaluated by a licensed professional.

Injury Care


Texas Industrial Medical now offers injury care 24/7 (365 days) for all of our clients, making it easier for them to have their work related injuries taken care of in a timely fashion, without Emergency Room hassells. For after hours injuries, our staff can be contacted by reaching out to our After Hours Services (281-941-4174).

Our provider is trained in Occupational Medicine and we strive to be “recordability” sensitive in all aspects of treating an injury and getting the employee back to work with minimal or no restrictions.

Other services offered

  • Stress Test.
  • EKG.
  • 3 minute step test.
  • Blood work :
    • Blood Lead/Zpp
    • Phenol
    • Chromium
    • Heavy Metals
    • Complete Blood Count
    • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • We offer a wide range of services, feel free to contact concerning any questions.

Our Mobile Services

We offer a wide variety of services through our mobile department.

  • Physical Exams :- DOT and Non DOT annual exams, DOT drivers, Forklift and Crane Operators, Chemical, Asbestos, and Merchant Mariner/Coast Guard exams are all available.
  • Drug Screening :- DOT and Non DOT urine screening available as well as Hair Follicle and Saliva testing.
  • Lab Services :- Includes blood work chemistry for health screenings as well as chemical and heavy metals exposure. Pre and Post job surveillance.
  • Pulmonary Testing :- Pulmonary Function Tests are performed to acquire Respirator Fit clearance. 
  • Audio/Hearing Conservation :- DHearing evaluations are performed annually if in hearing conservation programs per OSHA guidelines.
  • Resp. Fit Testing :- Respirator fit testing is performed to acquire a fit test card annually per OSHA guidelines. Fresh Air, SCBA, and etc.
  • X-Ray/EKG :-X-Rays performed to maintain record of possible chemical and asbestos exposures. EKG’s performed along with physicals if requested for cardiac surveillance.
  • Immunization/Vaccines :- Broad range of vaccinations and immunizations available, from Influenza to Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus and many more.
  • For more information concerning any mobile services or pricing please contact Stuart Moses at 361-445-8308, or via email at stuart@mpms-tim.com

Medical Plaza

Medical Plaza is a nationwide third party administrator for drug and alcohol screenings and programs throughout the industrial and refining industries. Oil and gas, government contractors, coast guard, and DOT services are just a few of the many fields we cover. Our mission is to provide customers with prompt and accurate services by certified and trained technicians so there is as little downtime for the clients as possible. Here at Medical Plaza we understand that time is money. Our drug programs are built around the client’s needs from developing policies to training supervisors and testing their employees. Quality customer service is the key to any good drug testing program.

  • Services Offered :

  • DOT Program Management & Policy Development

    We work closely with our clients to customize and build a program and/or policies that suit their needs in the industry of their involvement.

  • Random Program Management

    At Medical Plaza we can manage and create randomized lists for quarterly or monthly random screenings of employees. This allows the client to focus on more important tasks at hand knowing we will keep your company in good standing with any screening program they might be involved in.

  • Medical Review Officer

    At Medical Plaza we have an MRO (Medical Review Officer) on staff so there is no need for outsourcing and added wait times for discrepancies that may occur

  • DOT and Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Screening

    Both DOT and Non-DOT drug screening is available through Urine, Hair Follicle, or Saliva testing. Alcohol screening is offered by breath or saliva. Synthetic or K2 drug screens are also offered.

  • On-Site Testing

    Medical Plaza offers on-site collections for drug and alcohol screening. This reduces time lost in the case of an event requiring such duties.

  • 24 Hours on call

    Medical Plaza offers 24 hour on call services for any post-accident or reasonable suspicion drug screens that may occur. 

  • Training and Education

    At Medical Plaza we also offer Training and Education classes for drug and alcohol awareness and collection protocols. Our instructors can train and certify people in DOT and Non DOT urine collections, Saliva testing, Hair Follicle, and Breath Alcohol testing. Also offered is Reasonable Suspicion training for Supervisors and an Employee Education class on Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse.

  • School Program Management

    School program management is focused on Annual and Random drug screening for Bus Drivers and Students requiring drug screens for certain school and athletic programs. Also offered are DOT physicals for the workplace employees of schools.